‘HIE of One’ 亚博88国际链与医疗信息保护

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  Powering the Physician?Patient Relationship with HIE of One Blockchain Health IT

  Adrian Gropper, MD

  August 7, 2016

  ●Address whether there is a place in health IT and/or healthcare related research for

  the technology [?1?]?

  Physicians steer treatment together with patients and are responsible for the vast

  majority of decisions, and therefore expenditures, in healthcare. Yet the technology that

  mediates the physician?patient relationship today is not directly purchased or controlled

  by either the physicians or the patients. Electronic health records and health information

  exchange technology are sold as strategic assets to institutions, typically very large

  businesses, that currently have incentives to maximize institutional growth. We seek a

  better balance of institutional needs with the needs of physicians and patients.

  It is widely accepted that reducing healthcare cost growth requires genuine practice

  reform. Few institutions, however, are planning to reduce their own size. By focusing

  health information technology and interoperability on the physician?patient relationship

  we bypass the inertia of institutions, fertilize the environment for value?based payment,

  and optimize care options among hospitals, the community, and home, as appropriate.

  Blockchain is widely recognized for its ability to empower innovators and individuals on

  a large scale in an environment that includes the necessity of institutions. The

  appropriate application of blockchain technology to health IT can shift the balance to the

  physician?patient relationship. It’s hard to imagine a more effective lubricant for

  innovation in our complex privatized healthcare system.






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